Re-Pointing Chimney’s

“Pointing” is the cement or mortar used to fill the joints of brickwork or a chimney. It is done to improve the appearance and weatherproof qualities. The cost of re-pointing will depend on the size of the chimney and the access to it.

As part of our service we will inspect the following areas to determine if any leaks are coming from your chimney:

The chimney pot
The flaunching (cement on the top of the chimney)
The pointing/condition of brickwork
Condition of lead around chimney base
Tiles under the lead/around the chimney

Re-flaunching Chimney’s

Chimney flaunching, sometimes known as benching, is a strong mortar mix that glues the chimney pots into place, which over time can crack.

When the wet weather gets into these cracks any subsequent freezing can expand these cracks further and cause damage to the top of the chimney’s brickwork and occasionally its structure. 

If your chimney needs re-flaunching, we will remove the old mortar and replace with a new well-sealed top to your chimney top.