Tecnatorch Felt Roofs

Traditional asphalt felt is one of the most common types of underlayment used, although it can easily tear and absorb moisture. Tecnatorch felt is the modern alternative to this. This quality product will help prevent wind-driven rain from entering under the roof’s shingles which can potentially damage your home.

Available in a range of colours there is something to suit every house design. Tecnatorch comes with a 15-year guarantee and a life expectancy of 25 years.

Rubber Membrane Roof

Highly supple, fire resistant and watertight, an EPDM roof does not suffer from cracks or splits caused by age. Its ability to repel all moisture and “breathe” stops blisters from happening meaning it doesn’t rot.

Easily moulded, it can be shaped to fit any roof contours or accommodate dormers and skylights. It can also extend over 300% to adapt to building movements. Its flexibility at low temperatures means this eco-friendly product can also be installed at any time of the year. This highly versatile product needs no maintenance and has a 50-year life expectancy giving you peace of mind you that you will be getting a quality product that will last.

Roof Repair

A leaking roof can cause all sorts of damage. Flat roofs, in particular, are well known for this. Due to the material they are made from, even when correctly installed they have a limited lifespan. They deteriorate through heat and weathering, so need to be maintained regularly to prevent leakages.

If the unfortunate happens, we can not only repair the roof, but we can make good all the interior repair and decoration too, giving you complete peace of mind